Get Your Paper Work Done!

July 30, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Working Habits

The snowy blanket of winter has given way to the green (mostly) fields of spring. All the trash that blew into my yard last fall is now uncovered and demonstrating just how lax I was in policing my lot last year. I will have to get out there. I know this. I am not against keeping a tidy yard. It is just that I have a somewhat open lot and a variety of items ride the wind onto my property. Most catch on the long grass surrounding my pond and invest themselves like a sand burr on a shaggy dog. Trying to keep my yard clean is a constant battle, somewhat like building a sand castle in the face of an oncoming tide. As my neighbors are not fighting each other to clean it for me, I dutifully traipse out in my old rubber boots and with trash bag in hand, clear the area once more. I could put up a fence but I enjoy the open nature of my lot. It gives me a feeling of freedom from unnatural boundaries and cookie cutter yard design. Given that my neighbors also keep their yards generally free of trash (sometimes by letting it blow into my yard), I feel no excessive onus has been placed upon me. I guess it is a measure of being involved in a community. Minimal yard work is a small price to pay to be seen as a good neighbor. More work than that and I could be seen as that grumpy old man down the street. To prepare for that possibility, I can only say “You kids get off my lawn!”.

The paper work never goes away and it keeps blowing in for your business operations! Keep on top of your business plan with a keen eye on the paper work that will dictate your success plan before the competition gets their first!


Robert Armstrong

American Production Group


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