New Idea’s Involve Changing Taste

September 17, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Working Habits

Carrots in a cake sounds strange, but we eat carrot cake with a bit of frosting in the shape of a carrot on top. We love to eat foods that explore new idea’s in content and substance.

What if we started to think of our business as a new food design that included carrots? Take your idea and add a extra twist to it that nobody else produce. Ask your peers to taste test your new business idea with the extra twist. You will find the responses will give you insight on how to change your business idea and what ingredients need to be included with your idea.


Sometimes a simple change can become the carrot to attract the market to your business.


Side Note

OK, not everybody likes carrot cake and would prefer a chocolate cake! Grasp that information as the gauge in product production levels and make a new product for those chocolate cake lovers.


Robert Armstrong

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