Over Four Billion US Dollars Spent on Imported Printed Products

December 1, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Latest News

The United States is on pace to spend over four billion dollars on imported printed products that include: printed books, newspapers, pictures and other printed products; manuscripts, typescripts and plans.

The top five countries are China ($1,610,413,449) followed by Canada ($382,666,759), United Kingdom ($287,249,766), Mexico ($210,251,044), and Italy ($60,513,533). China is by far the biggest being 4 times larger than the next supplier. Canada.

The spend pace is enormous but looks to be on a downward trend with actual imports down. The 2017 ($3,237,192,635) Imports value is actually down -$6,419,061 from 2016 ($3,243,611,696) numbers for the same time period (January thru September reporting).

This will reflect an estimated reduction of $50,887,358 in imports by year end at the current pace. Our estimated number for 2017 is $4,316,256,847 based on an average monthly imports value of $359,688,071, as compared to 2016 actual $4,367,144,205 with a monthly average value of $363,928,684. This reduction might be explained by the buyers in the US looking closer to home for material as the number of countries sending goods have also diminished from 159 in 2016 down to 146 for 2017 reported so far this year (* September 2017).

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Note: All information is ASIS and is not to be used as actual fact data. The data was sourced below and numbers were computed by using sum and average equations.

  • Sources: Data on this site have been compiled from tariff and trade data from the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. International Trade Commission.




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