Working Smarter! Not Harder!

July 30, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Working Habits

Working day and night to get the job done and on the time table dictated by your boss?

Sounds stupid to me?

Long hours have always seem to be the normal indicator to management to push the company forward and get the job done. Does this reflect your working habits and do you deserve a raise or promotion because of the long hours you put in for the company?

Stop, and take a “Smart Break” to discover what tasks have taken over your working day? Write them down and work on them to reduce or even eliminate them from your day. Discover ways to automate those tasks you repeat all day or at least offload to a helper.

Find the smart tools to enhance your tasks, like your online calendar, smart watch, time keeper app. These will keep the momentum going on your task and also give you idea’s on what can be tweaked to improve performance.

Thinking about your daily task can lead to a more productive day and give you insight on when you are applying to much focus to a task, Don’t produce road blocks instead of results. All your daily task should be forward moving or your not working smarter just harder on your job. Always know your next task and prepare for it in your mind, prepare to streamline one task to the next without hiccups.

Ask others who do similar tasks how they manage them as well to get an insight on a company wide enhancement.

Recharge your momentum during the day with power breaks. Take a power break can be your way of stepping away from the tasks cycle for a brief period and focus on quiet time for your brain. You will find listening to music or eating a snack without a task involvement can be a way to recharge. Think of taking a power nap for 15 minute (set your alarm if you need) and get a real healthy way of recharging. Go for a walk and listen to the birds – this is nature way of recharging you.

Reduce the long hours and focus on Working Smarter! Not Harder!

Robert Armstrong

American Production Group


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